The referendum on a First Nations Voice has returned a No vote from the Australian electorate.

The Myer Foundation supported, wholeheartedly, work in the lead up to the referendum being called, and the Yes campaign. We did this not because we thought the referendum would be easy to win, but because it was the right thing to do, to support the invitation from Australia’s First Nations communities, via the Uluru Statement from the Heart, to walk together for a more positive future for Australia.

The Myer Foundation has joined in a collective statement of gratitude to all the advocates for Yes – and particularly those Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have dedicated years to recognition, to self-determination, and to bringing the Uluru Statement from the Heart to life.

The proposed Constitutional amendment didn't receive majority support in the Australian community. However, it has started a critical national conversation about the importance of First Nations peoples having a say in the decisions that impact their communities, culture and land.

Joint statement from philanthropic funders for Yes campaign

We are saddened by the result of the Referendum, and our hearts and gratitude go out to the inspiring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who led this campaign for many years, and to the First Nations people, families and communities who are deeply impacted by this result.

We are grateful to all the advocates for Yes; to the millions of Australians who voted for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. In light of the weekend’s wounding Referendum result, we reaffirm our ongoing commitment to supporting and advocating for First Nations peoples to have a greater say in the issues and decisions that affect them. We acknowledge that many of our First Nations partners are now in a week of silence following the result.

Our group of more than 30 philanthropic foundations banded together to support Constitutional Recognition through establishing a Voice, and this referendum result will strengthen philanthropy’s dedication and commitment to ensure First Nations voices are recognised and heard.

Philanthropic foundations will continue to work closely with communities, First Nations-led organisations, governments, and each other to help advance community-led, place-based solutions and systemic change to advance First Nations justice and close the gap across a range of areas, including education, housing, health, and employment.

Many of the philanthropic supporters of the Yes campaign are listed below.

1. Alberts | The Tony Foundation

2. Annamila First Nations Foundation

3. Australian Communities Foundation

4. Balnaves Foundation

5. Barlow Impact Group

6. Besen Family Foundation

7. CAGES Foundation

8. Dusseldorp Forum

9. Eisen Family Private Fund

10. Equity Trustees (various trusts and foundations)

11. Ferris Family Foundation

12. Georgina Byron

13. Hansen Little Foundation

14. Heath Family Fund

15. Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

16. Maple-Brown Family Foundation

17. McLean Foundation

18. MECCA M-POWER 19. Naomi Milgrom Foundation

20. Nelson Meers Foundation

21. Oranges & Sardines Foundation

22. Paul Ramsay Foundation

23. Perpetual

24. Reichstein Foundation

25. Siddle Family Foundation

26. Skrzynski Family Sky Foundation

27. Sydney Community Foundation

28. The Fairley Foundation

29. The Keys Family

30. The Myer Foundation

31. The Ross Trust

32. The Scully Fund

33. The Snow Foundation

34. Tripple

35. Wyatt Trust

36. Plus anonymous donors